Everyone is actor, actress and film production of own life story. And every animal being does the same way. It is true concept. Amazing, happy and sad moments is passing every second, minutes and hours. sometimes, we play superman and some time we play poor and worst man in this real world. People and beings surrounding us are the audience who are watching and rating us every day. If you act and play as kind, generous, wise and wisdom actor in this real world, it is no only people who love and like you, but your cat, dog, bird and other animals will love and friendly with you too. And you will be the most popular celebrity among human, animal and god due to they are watching you every day and addicted to your good deeds/actions. This brilliant popularity is lasting so long from this life time to next life times. Not only for human, but also for animals, sometime they can act funnier than human in the term of sounds and behavior that make us enjoyable.