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When I have vacation and days off at the week-end, it is good time to release toxic mind from stressful work and the city pollution by going to the flower parks and garden. The green flowers garden is not only attractive place to stay and walk around and around to see the flowers, but it is also bring the sense of healthy with green nature, pure oxygen release from green plants, cool moisture and peaceful environment to relax. It look natural hospital to heal mind and body that most people do not realize about it. If you are flower lover, it may be the good place to see some beautiful hydrangea flower gardens. They look very charming colorful and attractive place to visit to breathe the smell and enjoy the nature.

Credit for all pictures: KWC PhotoBlog

Awesome hydrangea flower around the temple

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Watching such beautiful flowers again and again

Walk around and around most charming hydrangea garden

 Japanese green garden with multi color.. Nice looking, relaxing and smelling of nature.

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Charming beauty of hydrangea flower Garden – Japanese Relaxing Green Garden
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