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You may be wonder about the colorful houses that built above each others that look like the toy houses that our kinds use to play with. But it is not, it is Larung Valley, Buddhist Institute in Tibet, in which institute provide spiritual training of meditation and scholarship all over Tibet. It may the biggest center for Buddhism practitioner. When looking from the distance, you may see the awesome perspective of views that the houses seem to be built repeated many times on the top of others.


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From the wonderful corner of the world, visit the village in Iran, there is unique way of living in which people build home above another home porch at many storeys. It is triggered the curiosity about safety how the people in the village to carry food, water, transportation from the ground to the top. To explore more about this, check out the reality at the site to believe yourself. That is all for bizarre and amazing on our world. They are probably the amazing houses in the world.

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Bizarre and colorful houses from corner of the world
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