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The town, Vézac Dordogne in France, may be the biggest Marqueyssac garden in the world. The name of garden was followed by founder Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac and it was constructed at the end of the 17th century.
The garden landscapes are perfectly cut and decorated the different style and shapes. It is beautiful garden style of France. The gardens of Marqueyssac are opened for the public to visit in 1996. Walking through the garden become enjoyment to see magnificent tree boxes and garden views. Most of visitor prefer to visit Jardins de Marqueyssac at the evening time due to moderate temperature, beautiful glowing candlelight, music, animation and entertainment for the kid as well.

Speaking of green garden and amazing places to visit, it may be good for garden lovers to see these places and experience the unique creativities of France. I love the way that they decorate the lights, prune the trees and other landscape designs that reveal the amazing civilization and arts. It is nice to bring kid and family to visit there during vacation.

Beautiful garden design idea

Photo credit: Sergio Figueira Tubio

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The overhanging Gardens of Marqueyssac, France

Photo credit : El2deepblue

Marqueyssac Gardens

Photo credit: Recyclart

Beautiful green Marqueyssac Garden

Photo credit: Sigfrid López

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