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Fennec is the small cute fox and mostly found in the Sahara of North Africa and Asia, It has large ears and friendly smile face & ears. The life span is about 10-15 years. In wild, these fox families dig out the dens in sand and connected with other families for living and protection  from its main hunters such as eagle owl and from other wild meat-eating animals. They eat bugs, worms, insects, birds, eggs and other small animals. It can jump up to 2 ft high and 4 ft forward to catch prey and escape predators.
But however, fennec foxes can be adopted as exotic house pet. They can play like cats, dogs and make different sounds such as barking, a purring sounds like a domestic cat, and a roar if threatened.

Adorable Fennec Foxes
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Exotic Fennec Foxes with larg ears
Photo Credi: Joachim S. Müller , Via: Pintreest

Lonely Fennec Fox on the wood

Photo Credit: IN CHERL KIM , Via: Pinterest

Lovely Fennec Foxes kissing

photo credit , Via: Pinterest

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Fennec fox is cute animal and can be adopted as exotic pet
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One thought on “Fennec fox is cute animal and can be adopted as exotic pet

  • May 15, 2016 at 11:02 am

    where can i get one as a pet? <3


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