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Animals are adorable creatures whether they are wild, innocent, cruel and friendly animals. They make their own living and behavior base on their nature. Wild tiger, lion, eagle and more type of meat eating animals are dangerous due to they see other less powerful animal and human are their delicious meals and subject to their preys. There is no right and wrong, It is nature who create us and all of them in those way in the same world. But all type of animal should not be killed and respected to their natural living rules, even though they are harmful and dangerous due to they can be tamed; and can be good friends to human and other animal species and sometimes is easier to be tamed than some bad person.  All we need to do is love and take care all of them firstly and they will return to us with loves and friendship back secondly. Every each actions made by us every day is training our-self and other beings surrounding us that we do not realize it.


Beautiful white birds – Great Egret and Bali Myna

Nature creates their beautiful arts  that should not believe. These ...
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Fennec fox is cute animal and can be adopted as exotic pet

Fennec is the small cute fox and mostly found in ...
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Beautiful Lesser Bird Of Paradise

The lesser bird-of-paradise is beautiful creature. It is medium-sized bird ...
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Colorful hummingbird dancing, humming, feeding, flying, singing and beautiful bird songs

First Test Hummingbird is the smallest bird in world ...
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Dogs Are The Adorable And Innocent Animals

If you look into dog face, you probably know that ...
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